• Spa Comforts - Back Belt


    Whether it’s a sore pulled muscle from the gym or yoga, an ache or pain from overworking, Spa Girl uses her trusty back belt to provide the needed heat or cold therapy to heal in a healthy way. Cinnamon, Clove and Eucalyptus sprinkled inside release a delicious aroma to uplift and delight your senses. Microwave and let the warm heat therapy penetrate deep into sore, tight muscles. Chill in the freezer and let the cold therapy soothe sports injuries and cool you down on hot summer days. Hot or cold, this Back Belt will provide the right therapy!

    Size: 60" X 8"

    Heat therapy encourages circulation, and may be used to help ease headaches, muscle tension, and stress. Cold therapy may be used to help temper headaches and reduce swelling associated with injuries.